January 9, 2014 Art Camp: More of Week 6 and Other Sketches Posted In: Uncategorized

Art Camp took a break over the holidays, but I took the opportunity to do some honest, detailed, photographic studies. All I can say is it beats the hell out of sitting outside in freezing weather to try and paint. After Squaw Creek I tried a series of screencaps from Lawrence of Arabia:

Lawrence-of-Arabia-x4 Lawrence-of-Arabia-05


And here are some more studies in both digital and pencil. One of them I used as a landscape base and added a village in the background.

snowyMountains-01 snowy-ruins stone-staircase-snow-2 woman_dress_sofa-sideByside woodland-cliffs-overlook-sideBySide


I really liked this study. Photographs are such an excellent guide to jumpstart your creative process and give you a reference of something that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to see. I’ll have more updates soon with a personal project.


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