November 13, 2013 Art Camp Week 1: Color Studies Posted In: Uncategorized

MasterColorStudies_01FinishedColor_01-AlbertBierstadt FinishedColor_03-FredericEdwinChurch


The second part of the week 1 lesson was doing color studies from the old masters. Ideally, we were assigned 50 quick thumbnail studies and 3 “finished” color pieces. After having done a couple finished pieces, I really want to do more. I had a lot going on at work this week, and I was only able to do 11 color thumbnails and two finished pieces. Either way, it’s a good start and I’ve discovered a new (sort of) exercise. My goal for this workshop overall is to improve my environment painting skills. My biggest difficulty with environments is doing the ground, and transitioning from foreground to mid to background. The first finished piece is by Albert Bierstadt. The second, by Frederic Edwin Church, is a great example of foreground transition and figuring out shapes. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from this. The biggest thing I’ve taken away from this lesson is that the artist’s palette is a lot more limited than you think it might be. There’s not that much of a hue shift as you move around the piece. This was good preparation for moving on to week 2, imaginative sketching.


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