November 20, 2013 Art Camp, Week 2: Imaginative sketching Posted In: Art and Design

This week was imaginative sketching. Here is some of my work. I think a combination of master studies and just going at it without treating each one so preciously has enabled me to take risks I normally wouldn’t take. I kind of went overboard and spent too much time on a couple, but I really liked where they were headed. My focus for this class is to get better at environment painting. Working with a limited palette has been quite a revelation, but one of my biggest hurdles is still figuring out the transition between foreground and background. I think I’ve already improved somewhat. A couple of them probably need a human figure to establish scale, but I’m pleased with my progress.

sketch02 sketch01  sketch03 sketch04 sketch05 sketch06 sketch07 sketch08 sketch09 sketch10


  1. Kristoffer Lindgren • October 25, 2014

    Yo. I found your stuff by chance a couple of weeks ago and really liked a lot of it. Especially these pieces. And so I found myself messing around on my piano the other day and recorded something that had the same type of 'air' to it as of your drawings. Made a simple clip out of it and posted it on facebook. Hope you don't mind and perhaps enjoy the emergent creativity. Reply

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