January 22, 2013 Catching up on art postings Posted In: Art and Design

I’ve been posting to Blogger lately, but not here. So here’s the last several art posts condensed into one neat little entry. Ready… GO!


Vector art icon for an old Victorian house.


Once Christmas was over and I got some downtime at work, I finally got some free time to really sit down and finish this painting. I went with the spider (Arachnid Horror) in the background, because I hate spiders. I added a large overall texture, painted in the detail and cracks in the wall and doorway, and finished it off by adding a gradient overlay layer of light blue to dark violet to give the composition some focus on the wizard’s upper body. Then after some rubble and an airbrush glow I called it done.


Silhouette thumbnails for a mech battlesuit. People seem to like #3.


One of three pieces I made for the January Ames Poetry Revival Slam. 13″ x 19″prints went to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

theHop_Logo_01 theHop_Logo_02

I’m working on a new logo design project. It’s a 50’s diner. Not much more to say about that, so… time to get my retro on.


Four thumbnail drawings for a new personal illustration. I had the idea of a shell-shocked veteran knight who has seen one too many battles and is just… done. In the third one, maybe he’s seen something that even he, a jaded, grizzled veteran, has found shocking. I loosely based the character on Ser Barristan Selmy from Game of Thrones, but I’ll make it my own.

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