March 4, 2014 Environment concept color studies – Sacrificial altar Posted In: Art and Design


I finished some line artwork for a new environment piece, and have moved into doing color/lighting studies. These are just quick and messy color washes underneath the line art that help establish things like mood, temperature, and setting. I ran it by the group on Facebook, and so far #2 and #3 have gotten the most votes. I really like the lava underneath. Gives it a “Temple of Doom” look.

Oh snap. I just had an idea. This was always supposed to be a kind of sacrificial altar environment, but the structure on top (the “hovering” pillar) didn’t really serve any sort of purpose. What If it was a gigantic press, on which they would lay the victim, and then a large gear mechanism (I could show that on the far right wall) lowered it down, crushing the victim and letting their blood flow down through six channels carved into the stone, and down into the pit?

Christ almighty, that is disturbing. I need to get outside.


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