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Desert Showdown. ©2014 Monte Cook Games, LLC

Desert Showdown. ©2014 Monte Cook Games, LLC

I’ve been getting a lot of freelance work lately! It turns out that if you actually reach out and actively contact art directors you can actually get a favorable response. Sitting around waiting for your website to attract people is just not going to cut it. I’ve picked up jobs for tabletop RPG companies Green Ronin Publishing (Mutants & Masterminds, A Song of Ice & Fire) and Monte Cook (Numenera, The Strange). They’ve all been very fun projects with a lot of creative freedom. Unfortunately until recently all the stuff has been under a non-disclosure agreement, which means I couldn’t show it to anyone or post it to my blog, which was difficult. As an emerging freelance illustrator you’re anxious to share your accomplishments with friends and family and post it all over social media, but that’s a big no-no. Here are some selected works:

ironMagus-JohnPetersenNU-9WGB-65-ExploringRuin-color-01NU-9WGB-66-CreatureTender-color-01NU-9WGB-67-StormGod-color-02ST-BSTY-92-PostApocalypticFight-WIP04ST-BSTY-93-Emergence-01 WuxiaCity_JohnPetersen WuxiaCityHero-JohnPetersen

I also did some promotional artwork for the novel City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett. Four environmental pieces that showcase an interesting fictional city. It’s a superb book with charming and compelling characters; I highly recommend it.

StreetScene-01-MorovStation-2560w StreetScene-02-OldQuarter-2560w StreetScene-03-SoldaRiver-2560w StreetScene-04-SeatOfTheWorld-2560w

I’ve also done a handful of Q&A tutorials for ImagineFX Magazine, which was a great honor. I’ve been subscribing to that publication since 2007 and have learned a colossal amount from the talented artists that contribute. My next tutorials should be in the January 2015 issue.


Q&A on how to paint disgusting slime.


Q&A on how to paint an exit wound.

I’ll have another post soon about the process for a new traditional piece!


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