October 9, 2013 Inktober update – 2 sketches Posted In: Uncategorized


Here’s a sketch of Conan I made the other day. I like this one.



And here’s one of the pond outside my office. I’m not very fond of this one; the tree is okay but I think I went overboard with the white. I should have just stuck with the sun reflection off the water and rim light on the tree. Moving forward I might start doing ink washes for landscapes. Would’ve been handy for the background.


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  1. writingbolt • October 9, 2013

    By KRUM! That is a big belt:P He might be a He-Man reject character seeking revenge with those fierce-looking blades. Take away the giant belt and blades, and he could be a brother to the WWF/WWE duo, the Hardy Boys. Or a grunge rock band member. Nicely done.

    I don't think you did too bad with the white in the pond drawing. I too like the tree. I feel I've seen this image somewhere. I just like the use of the mocha "canvas" with the black and white inks. Reply

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