August 29, 2013 Perseus and Medusa – Final Posted In: Art and Design


It really is a shame that I haven’t been posting here as frequently as I should be. Selling my house and moving consumed a lot of my time, but that’s really no excuse. At any rate, I finished this painting last month. After some great feedback from my IMC peeps and excellent advice from Dan Dos Santos and Greg Manchess, I tweaked the bounce light and gave it some more polish. I hope I didn’t overdo the lens flare on his sword and shield, but I really couldn’t resist. At least I painted it in and didn’t use a filter, right?

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  1. writingbolt • September 3, 2013

    I'm no expert on the terminology/tools of the trade, but I do think the shine on the sword is a bit much. Too horizontally stretched. It might look better if it only came off the back end as if it was in motion with Perseus. My only other minor complaint is the positioning of Medusa's bow/arrow. It merges with the shield/arm in an odd way and hangs from her hand. Oh, and her chest is bare but she has no nipples?

    Other than those minor details, this is an awesome piece. I like her face/hair, his armor and shield...good job with the scales and weaving of the tail...the rubble. Reply

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