April 10, 2017 The DVD box art for Rogue One is garbage. Posted In: Reviews, Design

“What, you guys flew here? Pfft. I just walked in from the ocean, bro. Way faster.”

Here’s another scathing critique of modern movie posters/cover art. I realize it’s only the DVD release, and DVDs are getting more obsolete every day, but come on; this is Star Wars; you’ve already spent an estimated $200 MILLION for production, you can at least pay a professional designer a couple thousand to make the DVD cover not look like shit.
Baze Malbus looks like he’s just walking in from the ocean for no reason; there’s also no real reflection of his body on the water. Cassian Andor’s pose looks stiff and awkward. In fact, it looks like his head was Photoshopped in from a different photograph; it looks too big for his body. Bohdi Rook’s stance also looks awkward and rigid. These were the only standing poses they had for these characters?! With a production like this, typically an actor poses for hundreds of marketing photographs. Again, $200 million.
Darth Vader and the Death Star look like one object, as though Vader has a dramatically enlarged cranium. Honestly; if you’ve never heard of Star Wars before you’d swear that was the back of his head. There’s a bright sun glow behind Jyn Erso that doesn’t match the lighting of the scene (yes, it’s a movie poster, which generally means a lot of images are going to be superimposed and collaged together, but here the fore and mid-ground elements are arranged as one cohesive scene).
Maybe this is a subliminal attempt to phase out DVDs and get people up to date with Blu-Ray/4K.