March 16, 2016 Tom Clancy’s The Division: Super Realistic Posted In: Reviews

Ubisoft’s latest blockbuster game was released last week. Tom Clancy’s The Division is a third-person cover based shooter designed for cooperative multiplayer. It contains RPG elements of leveling, looting, crafting, and skill advancement. I’ve been playing it for the last week, and I’d give it 4/5 stars if this were an actual review. But this is just a short commentary on the chief complaint I’ve been hearing about the game.

Almost all of the reviews I’ve been reading for The Division have pointed to the “bullet sponge” nature of some of the NPC enemies you fight. Reviewers complain it’s an unrealistic attribute, incongruous with an otherwise realistic shooter that features real-world weapons. I couldn’t agree more. Here are some other realistic mechanics that you might see on any modern real-world battlefield:


Dr. Oz’s Surgeon Simulator 2016.

My guess is that 90% of these reviewers praising The Division’s realism have never actually used a firearm in their life. Folks, it’s a video game. If you want realism, go outside.


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