October 17, 2013 Zombie Fatigue – line art finished (mostly) Posted In: Art and Design


Christ, this took forever to draw. Drawing crowds is difficult, especially if you want to maintain any level of detail in the faces and clothing. That’s the problem I ran into with this one; it took a long time to finish the line art. I also incorporated several faculty and students from the Illustration Master Class, which meant I had to at least try to capture their likenesses as best as I could. Again, quite difficult because I don’t exactly have a lot of photographic reference of my colleagues shuffling around slack-jawed from an overhead angle. But I’m a sucker for detail, and have always been a fan of Geof Darrow’s work. That said, an entire urban landscape with buildings and hundreds of windows would have been easier; geometric perspective is all you need for that.

At any rate, I’m ready to start coloring this. I realize there are a couple of places that need some fixing, and some legs that need to be drawn, and perhaps a few embellishments, but I’ll get to that.

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  1. writingbolt • October 17, 2013

    Cripes, that is detailed and complex! It would take a miracle for me to complete that piece. I have wanted to draw something like that for a long time. My gun wouldn't look nearly as accurate or real. One teeny complaint/issue with this...the foreground backside image of yourself (obviously) should be a tad bolder/thicker in line quality (or the zombie mob should be a bit softer/gray). Otherwise, you get a little lost in the crowd. Reply

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