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Just in time for Halloween, I finished this one today. It’s pretty much a metaphor for how I feel about the zombie genre overall. I think the moment I saw the trailer for the film Warm Bodies was when I decided that the whole zombie thing had gotten out of hand (I don’t suppose it bothered anyone that the protagonist’s status as a zombie technically made his love interest a necrophiliac, but whatever). Hopefully this illustration gets across the idea of the saturation of zombies in pop culture leading to a feeling of being overwhelmed or just tired of the whole damn thing.

As a side note, and to crystallize that jaded feeling, I finally saw the movie World War Z. I resisted for a long time, because the trailer looked like an utterly disappointing departure from the book. If you read the paperback, you’ll find my artwork inside the front cover. It was the first time my artwork saw a major publication, so needless to say I have a particular attachment to Max Brooks’ source material. I thought the movie was sterile, PG-13 garbage. Absolute drivel. I didn’t expect it to be 100% faithful to the book, but a zombie movie should at least have its share of blood and gore. When the hero brains a zombie with the curved end of a crowbar, not only do we see it off-camera, but he dislodges the weapon and we see there’s not a drop of blood on it. I audibly yelled “Oh, bullshit!” to my empty apartment. I almost didn’t make it through the entire film. I didn’t care about any of these characters, least of all the protagonist (fabulous scarf, by the way). In fact, I was hoping his whole family died. Fuck ’em.

Perhaps one day they’ll do justice to the book and call do-over, making it into a miniseries (the scope is just too vast for even a 3-hour movie), but for now I think I’m just over zombies.

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  1. writingbolt • November 12, 2013

    I'm a little stunned to hear you have zombie fatigue after doing zombie art for a gory story. I wouldn't even be able to do that much. I'd be rather content without any gory stories. If you want to talk disappointment in film, I might refer to the lack of blood actually staining anything in "300" while the Spartans seemed rather happy to slaughter everything and anything in their path...or the common divergence from source material in movies like "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief". I guess I am more happy to watch "World War Z" if it IS "sterile"...but, generally, that sort of movie--from what I know--doesn't appeal to me.

    Nice work above, though. Reply

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